Player fees are $400 per year.  This includes indoor practice during the Winter months, outdoor practice fields in the Spring and Summer, a 12-game league season, and three weekend tournaments*, use of a uniform**, and an allowance for coaching equipment and softballs.  All of the monies paid as player fees are spent back on the girls each year.

Through the program we provide opportunities for your daughter to participate in fundraising opportunities.  Many of these directly reduce your daughter’s fees.

The following table is a budgetary breakdown of how your $400 is spent back on your daughter.  Some years we have two teams at each age-level, some years we only have one team at a given age level.  Some of our expenses double with two teams, others are fixed.  Either way, this table shows that we spend all $400 (and more) or your fees directly back on your daughter.

One Team of 11 Girls Two Teams of 10 Girls Each
 Total Cost  Per Player  Total Cost  Per Player
ASA Registration Fee Per Player  $          15.00  $               15.00
Indoor Practice  $ 1,875.00  $        170.45  $ 1,875.00  $               93.75
25 Hours of Indoor Practice Time @ $75/hour
Outdoor Practice  $    410.00  $          37.27  $    410.00  $               20.50
12 Weeks Marion Parks, 3 Hours Per Week @ $15  $       480.00  $       480.00
Sundays March – June at Guthridge Park Hiawatha  $         50.00  $        50.00
Spring/Summer League At Diamond/Hitters  $    500.00  $          45.45  $ 1,000.00  $               50.00
3 Tournaments TBD, Budgeted $375 Each  $ 1,125.00  $        102.27  $ 2,250.00  $             112.50
Uniforms  $    550.00  $          50.00  $ 1,000.00  $               50.00
Equipment Maintenance  $    250.00  $          22.73  $    500.00  $               25.00
Upkeep/Replacement of playing and practice equpment, to include catcher’s gear, Pitching Machines, and skills training aids. 
Balls and Consumables  $    300.00  $          27.27  $    600.00  $               30.00
Total Amount Paid Per Player  $        470.45  $             396.75

*  Tournaments are selected by the coaches at each age and experience level.  There are more expensive two-day tournaments and cheaper one-day tournaments.  Coaches will select these tournaments to match the age, capabilities and goals of their specific team.  Coaches also have the ability to request additional tournament funds from the Board beyond this budgeted amount.

** We provide your daughter a uniform to use for the season.  This is not yours to keep.  Our budget cycle provides for new Uniform Jerseys every three years. Socks are provided annually and one pair of pants is provided. We can offer you a second set of pants at-cost to support your laundry cycle.

We cannot provide a Tax Deduction Receipt for your player fees.  Your daughter receives a direct benefit for the monies paid in program fees.